Sushi delivery in Chișinău

“San Sushi” – you are at home or work and you want the most delicious sushi?

We deliver them quickly and safely !!!

How to order?

  1. Calling at:

* Mob: 079-811-411

*Fixed: 022-811-411

  1. Or place your order online.
  2. “San Sushi” returns with a phone call shortly.


Terms of delivery!

Deliveries are carried out only in the area of ​​Chisinau.

To ensure the fastest delivery of your order, please note the schedule “San Sushi” delivery and placing requests:

  • 7 days in 7 days
  • Monday – Sunday from 1100– 2345
  • Free comes orders worth more than 350 lei.
  • For orders less than 350 lei, delivery charge is 35 lei.
  • Minimum order is 150 lei.


Payment for delivery and courier items will be given only in local currency. Delivery time depends on order volume, distance to the delivery address and traffic.

* Estimated time is 60 minutes.